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Cosmetic Foot Remodeling

Totally removing unwanted and/ or unsightly skin or appendages in or around the feet. Allowing self-confidence in showing off your feet to anyone.


The excess growth of bone along the inside of the foot near the great toe bone. This deformity hurts while wearing shoes… ESPECIALLY HEELS!​

Heel Spur

Excess growth of bone along the bottom of the calcaneal (heel) bone or behind the heel bone. This overgrowth of bone causes pain & irritation when standing, walking, and exercising. ​​

Fungal Toenails

Excess thickening and darkening of toenails usually caused by fungus. This can be painful but certainly unsightly.

Broken Bones

Fractured bones of the foot

Mass Removals

Soft tissue mass removals such as ganglionic cysts

Cosmetic Nail/ Toe/ Skin Correction

Showcase your feet with confidence & beauty like you’ve always wanted to.​


The bending of toes in a manner that allows shoes to rub along the top of toes and cause excess hard skin (corns) to develop. This appears as white circles on the top of toes that are painful and unsightly… especially to women wearing open-toe sandals & shoes. ​

Ingrown Toenail

The inflamed curvature of toenails into the skin. This is caused by a variety of factors including, but not limited to: trauma, excess weight gain, or infection. ​ ​

Athletic Injuries

Strains, sprains


Either bacterial, fungal, viral, etc.


Psoriasis Case Study

Action News 5 covers how Dr. Davis treated a young woman’s severe psoriasis.

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MSPMA Speaker

Dr. Davis speaks on a variety of podiatric medical topics.

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Dr. Davis is a guest on the “Ask the Expert” segment of The Bev Johnson Show.

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I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for 3 years. it is the most excruciating pain I ever felt.  I have visited several orthopedic doctors and went to physical therapy twice.  I do all exercises and try to be compliant with wearing the night splint.  I called Dr. Davis office on a Tuesday and was lucky to get a cancellation slot on that Wednesday.  I took an extended lunch at work on Wednesday and Dr. Davis and his staff had me out of his office in less than 45 minutes pain-free.

Alyssa R.

The ladies are awesome and all so sweet nice and very helpful. Dr Davis is a really good doctor listened to my concerns and and my questions. I’m happy with the services I received. If ur feet hurt i recommend u go see him!😊

Charlotte Dickerson

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